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What can you gain from owning a franchise?
We are seeking to work with energetic entrepreneurs who are looking for a unique business opportunity in their local community. Maybe you have just moved to a new country or region and are looking to set up a business in your locality; OnlineGuideTo may be the opportunity you are looking for.
You do not require advanced web skills or previous marketing experience for this venture but an outgoing, sociable personality is an advantage as you build your client base in the local community. You will need to work closely with local business managers, showing them how to grow their businesses via web based technology.
The harder you work initially and the more contacts you make, the quicker the reward from your new business. With the correct marketing strategy you will be able to maintain repeat business from your advertising clients ensuring ongoing revenue for very little input.
Remember that local adverts are usually worth more to businesses than national ones.
Adamas does not set a specific pricing tariff for businesses / products to be included on your website as these will be country-dependent but you do not need to be a mathematician to work out the scale of revenue from such a business. Remember that additional revenue will be gained by designing websites for those businesses that do not yet have their own website.
It is a win-win situation for both you and your clients.
You gain revenue from advertisements - your clients gain revenue from increased exposure through your website.
Managing this franchise website provides you with the optimum work-life balance by offering a flexible working structure - you are able to work on a full-time or part-time basis with hours to suit your individual situation, at home or in an office - your choice.
The initial and monthly overheads are very low e.g. a PC, telephone, office supplies thus providing a high return on your initial investment in a short period of time.
The development team at Adamas Ltd will work closely with you providing the required guidance and support as you build a genuine, profitable business that is here to stay - after all, it is in both of our interests to make your business successful. Adamas Ltd will act as the Site Administrator managing all aspects of product maintenance and development acting as a technical resource for web based issues and software applications.
This is not a static product - as web technology develops so will your product and business. The development team continue to enhance the site format and marketing methods used, taking on board the requests of franchisee owners for the benefit of the product as a whole.
For enquiries - email us at: enquiries@onlineguideto.co.uk