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What are you getting for your initial investment?
Customised website business ready to go for your geographical area
Domain name, hosting and email set-up
Database and dynamic search facilities for property, hotels, jobs, cars and other products
Website builder including a comprehensive range of web design tools to create virtually any online product or service for your clients
E-commerce software covering aspects of trading online including shopping cart, availability calendar, payment online and currency converter
Mailshot manager with group email service & leaflet production
Local events / news software manager
Assistance with search engine optimisation
Possibility of production of a supporting local newsletter / paper
Ongoing training and support
A continually developing product
What happens next?
OnlineGuideTo can be set up as a franchise anywhere in the world. The franchise will take the form of a partnership with our company, Adamas Ltd, on a profit-share basis. Adamas Ltd would be responsible for the website, software and technical expertise, you would be responsible for local marketing and encouraging local businesses and individuals to advertise their products and services. There will be an upfront cost to buy the franchise rights for a given town or region, the price will vary according to the country / location.
If you would like more information, email us with your contact details, specifying the country and region / town you are interested in.
Our Marketing Director, Kathy Cooke will contact you to explain in detail how this business works and discuss the exciting opportunities associated with entering a franchise agreement with Adamas Ltd.
Email now so you do not miss out on this exciting business venture for your country / region!
For enquiries - email us at: enquiries@onlineguideto.co.uk
Website Franchise
Website Franchise