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Business Franchise
Business Franchise
Regional Online Guide
Your OnlineGuideTo franchise will become the complete online guide to your town or region.
It will allow local businesses to take advantage of online technology - increasingly the place to look for local services / products, classified adverts, and even community events.
Your OnlineGuideTo franchise will act as a portal to advertise properties, cars, jobs and other products and services relevant to your locality.
A comprehensive directory will allow local businesses to promote their products and services to a local, national and even global audience.
A classified adverts page will provide a local market place where people can buy and sell a variety of products.
Your OnlineGuideTo franchise will include a website builder - a comprehensive range of web design tools enabling us to create virtually any online product or service.
You can provide local news and information about the region, a what's on guide and a community message board.
Although OnlineGuideTo is UK based, it can be set up anywhere in the world.
You can specify a main language and currency for the website and where appropriate you can include other languages and currencies.
Design of Franchise Website
Our flexible approach to design and content allows you to customise your OnlineGuideTo website.
The banner of the website pages can be altered by changing the title, pictures and background images.
The main pages can be re-ordered to emphasise those pages of the website you consider to be most important or relevant for your customers & region.
Pages from the following list can be included, excluded and re-ordered:
Property Cars / bikes Jobs / employment Business directory
Website builder Classified adverts Hotels / guest houses Boats
Golf Local news What's on Community
In addition, links to other pages and websites may be added to the home page, for example local weather and travel details.
Links to areas of the business directory may also be included - local restaurants, entertainment ...... as well as property of the week, website of the week.
Content Manager
Your OnlineGuideTo website content will be managed from an administration area (content manager) login from any PC in the world with Internet access.
The Content Manager allows you to control and manage all of the website content. You can add, update and delete business listings, websites and all other product content including properties, cars and classified adverts.
Settings for prices, languages, currencies, pages and website design are all controlled through the Content Manager.
For enquiries - email us at: enquiries@onlineguideto.co.uk
Website franchise
Website franchise