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Website Builder and E-Commerce Tools
You can add to your revenue by creating websites for those businesses who do not yet have their own website or who wish to revamp their existing website.
Each franchise is equipped with a website builder which will build virtually any type of website simply and quickly. The website builder is equipped with E-Commerce tools to cover all aspects of trading on-line including a fully dynamic search facility, availability calendar, shopping cart and payment on-line. A property website, for example, may include a holiday rental search, the availability of which can be viewed and booked online. Your website franchise allows for sale-by-owner too - an increasingly popular method of selling / renting property locally.
You do not need web design skills to create professional websites for your clients - the design team at Adamas Ltd have identified common pages and layouts for most types of business and have created a template for each type. Our professional web designers will either assist you to use the templates to build professional websites for your clients or will build them for you if you are busy with other marketing aspects of your franchise.
Mailshot / Newsletter Manager
The software enables you to offer additional marketing strategies to your customers via bulk emails / mailshots / newsletters sent to your designated recipient list(s). It enables you to manage text and images and set up repeat templates e.g. for monthly newsletters / bulletins.
Search Engine Optimisation
The key to search engine optimisation is to ensure that key pages on the website are written for specific keywords. Google, Yahoo etc provide guidelines for writing websites, strict adherence to these guidelines is essential for good page rankings.
Trying to outsmart the system will rarely work, if you think you have found some sort of short cut to success, you can guarantee that they have already thought of it and have measures in place to counter anything considered an attempt to cheat the system. Adamas Ltd will support and guide you in a variety of marketing strategies and on search engine optimisation.
For enquiries - email us at: enquiries@onlineguideto.co.uk
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