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Website Design and Structure

The website can be designed and configured to suit your requirements.
If you already have a business or a website, we can design your OnlineGuide website to ensure consistency with your current brand. The website can be 'white-labeled' around a logo or colour scheme. You can set up font colour and style and upload background images and other images as appropriate. Images can be added to the banner at any time for advertising or to draw attention to a local event or season.

Website Structure and Pages

Pages can be included or excluded and placed in an order of your choice.

The Home Page has an on-line editor, so the content and layout can be changed at any time. This helps to draw attention to featured businesses, local news and events. Images can be uploaded individually or as slide-shows - a collection of images that will rotate automatically.

Click on the blue links below to read about some of the main pages and features of the website . . .

Business Directory

How to make the most of the Business Directory

Local News and Events

Page details and Categories for Local News and Events

Property Pages

Local Property Portal and FSBO (for sale by owner)

Classified Adverts

Classified Adverts and Publishing

Website Builder

From a simple 3 page website to a complex e-commerce site.

Other Pages

Cars, Jobs, Hotels, Information, Message Board, Site Maps

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