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Owning and Running a Franchise

When the website is created and we have received payment, the website is yours becomes your property. You will own the domain name(s) and own all rights to the content, business contacts and design (where appropriate).

Everything on the website is web-based, including the content manager. This means that the website can be updated at any time, from any computer with an internet connection.

Website Analysis

We set up every website to access the suite of tools that Google provide for feedback on the number of visitors to the website.
That way you can view the traffic each page is receiving and the keyphrases that visitors to the website type in to find it.
Webmaster Tools also warns of any errors on the website, for example pages without title tags or duplicated content

Weekly / Monthly Newsletters

Our package includes a web-based Newsletter Builder and Contacts database. This allows you to build up a list of business and personal contacts and send them emails and newsletters on a regular basis.

NewsLetters are useful to draw attention to local events, news and promotions. They can also raise awareness of local businesses, who may have their own promotions and special offers. Our Newsletter Builder can create emails as web pages with a very flexible approach to page layout. Each Newsletter is saved for future use, so one newsletter can be edited and resent.

Local business can also sign up and create their own Contacts Database and send bulk emails or newsletters.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You don't have to be an expert on SEO to run a website, in fact, we assume that you may not even be familiar with the term. However, there is little point is having a website if no-one can find it, so SEO is an integral part in owning and running a franchise.

SEO can be split in 2 parts: On Site Optimisation and Off Site Optimisation. On Site Optimisation is concerned with the content and structure of the website - the way pages are written and linked together. Off Site Optimisation is all about raising awareness and encouraging others to link to pages on the website.

It is outside of the scope of this article to go into too much detail about SEO, this is covered in the training phase.

Social Media

Social Media has an increasingly important role to play in internet marketing.
We believe it is worth investing a few hours a week to promote the franchise business and a few businesses within the Business Directory.

We recommend concentrating time and effort on 4 social media websites: Twitter, Facebook, Google +1 and LinkedIn. More can be added over time

Each Social Media website will provide additional exposure for the Franchise Business and will help in marketing local businesses and drawing attention to local events.

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