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Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training over the first 6 months of owning a franchise. The first few weeks would be spent configuring the website to suit your requirements. If you already have a business, the website can be designed around your logo and / or colour scheme. We have a very flexible approach to this - you can upload your own images, or you could send your logo and we can design it for you.

The Content Manager

The Content Manager allows complete control over all areas of the website, from adding businesses to the directory to creating websites.

Writing Pages and SEO

Pages need to be written so they can be found by Google and the other Search Engines. Search Engines are constantly evolving, Google for example has shifted it's emphasis in recent years away from the way a page should be peppered with relevant key-phrases towards the content being of genuine interest to the reader. It now records the amount of time a visitor spends reading each page as a guide to where it may be placed in the search engines results.

Writing unique content for specific key words is still important. we provide training guides on structuring this content as well as writing the page name, title, heading and meta tags.

Ongoing Support

Our support team, headed by Kathy Cooke, is available 7 days a week to answer and questions you may have. We would also welcome your feedback on future improvements to the website. The internet is constantly changing, with emerging technologies and hardware, so it is essential that we change with it.

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